Radical Changes…

Every year kite companies release new gear, these days the changes are small and the innovations hardly ground breaking. Development, yes, in the right direction, of course. Groundbreaking, in my opinion, no.

This year though I think F-One might have hit on something that is going to change the way we think about kiting. I’ve only seen the brochure so far, and spoken to Raphael Salles about the concept but I’m sold.

The Source is a Stand Up Paddle kite. It is designed and manufactured to be used with a SUP board in super light winds. Of course the buoyancy of the SUP means you can stand on the water and float without the power of the kite. The Source is there to just pull you around, a propulsion device that is far more efficient than a paddle.

Available in 7m 9m 12m 15m and 17m sizes the kite isn’t small, it should have you cruising around in next to nothing. The implications for schools and learning are huge. No wind at all you can teach Stand Up Paddling, when the wind picks up you can teach Stand Up Kiting. In winds that would normally see you cancelling lessons you’ll be teaching students and giving people an easy entry to the kite experience.

For riders who are already confident there is a last a tool that will see you riding confidently as long as there is enough wind to put a kite in the sky!

The Source is a 2 Line lightweight simple kite, making it easy to set up and learn with. We’re on our way to fly it now and I’ll update this with a report on how it works and whether it does everything it claims to do…

Watch this space!

The new Source from F-One

The new Source from F-One

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