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Fly Kites, Catch Surf, Ride Bikes, Carve Snow, Make Friends, Have Fun, Take Only Pictures


Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked on my photography and been lucky enough to shoot some of the best athletes and locations in the world. From the thundering waves of One Eye to the mountain bike DH World Cup in Scotland my skill set is varied. I’m happy to shoot in the water and the waves or the mud and the rain, whatever your needs we can look at accommodating your brief and getting you the best images. My unique knowledge of the sports I’m involved in, not just as a rider but also as an editor and publisher guarantees I always have an eye for quality. I’ve worked with some of the major brands in the industry and had front covers published around the globe.


I’ve been creatively writing since before I can remember, my serious writing career though started as a freelance journalist for Kitesurf Magazine in the UK. After a few issues I was promoted to Editor, I spent two years working there editing twelve issues, before leaving to set up my own publishing company Next Element Ltd. We launched IKSURFMAG (kitesurfing) in 2006 and IMB Magazine (mountain bike) in 2008. IKSURFMAG is the most widely read magazine on the planet in the sport, and the website enjoys more traffic than any other kitesurfing website out there. IMB has over 650,000 social media followers, and the magazine is the best digital magazine there is.

I write for both of these titles on a frequent basis, but I also write for Duotone Kiteboarding, Manera and F-One, three of the biggest kitesurfing brands in the industry. I have written books, product texts and website texts for both of these brands over the years.

  • IMB Magazine
    IMB Magazine www.imbikemag.com

    The World’s Best Online Mountain Bike Magazine

    DUOTONE www.duotonesports.com

    One of the biggest kitesurfing brands in the industry

    IKSURFMAG www.iksurfmag.com

    The World’s Number One Kitesurfing Magazine and Website

  • F-ONE
    F-ONE www.f-one.world

    Whether it is kitesurfing, SUP or foiling, F-ONE have you covered

  • Manera
    Manera www.manera.com

    Whatever you do in the ocean, Manera have the right products for you

  • Red Bull Lighthouse To Leighton
    Red Bull Lighthouse To Leighton www.redbull.com

    The Southern Hemispheres biggest race from Rottnest Island to Mainland WA!


I’ve been working at and running events since I was 18, from organising regattas overseas to running the British Kitesurfing Championships for two years and working at the British Kitesurfing Association as Events Director. I also enjoy public speaking and have been presenting the BKSA Industry Awards at the end of year ball for the last two years. In addition, I have presented and given talks at the Kitesurfing Armada in the UK. I’m happy to help out at every step of the way, from organising the entire event, to just contributing on the day. I’m an accomplished Race Officer and am used to dealing with competitors and riders, making decisions, dealing with safety and planning.


event organisation

Working with a small but efficient team we set up and ran the British Kitsurfing Championships for two years. The events brought the industry together with kite demos running alongside the competitions and bringing large crowds to beaches all over the UK.


race officer

I’ve been a race officer at many events for a long time now, I enjoy the challenge of ensuring the competitors have a good time. My roles included organising judges, riders, volunteers and making crucial heat decisions and safety calls.



I’ve presented the British Kitesurfing Association Industry Awards for the last two years now. Public speaking has always been something I enjoy and the opportunity to dress up smart and give out these awards is fantastic.


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