In Broken Ankle, Electric Scooter

When I went to the Fracture Clinic for my check up three weeks on since my mishap and my first scheduled NHS escapade I set myself some goals. I wanted the staples gone, sleeping had become a real issue and the 44 staples were becoming incredibly uncomfortable! I also wanted to be fitted with a boot so that I could start to exercise the ankle and move it about and free things up down there. I also wanted a prognosis as to my recovery time. The French medical team while excellent were not very forthcoming in this regard!

As it turned out I got all three goals. The staples were removed, and while thoroughly unpleasant it was a walk in the park in the grand scheme of things. Plus I was fitted for a boot! That development was a real chance on on my wish list so to get that news was great! Then I got the prognosis three goals achieved, but it didn’t make me happy…

The prognosis was this: they were worried about the metal work and the issues it may cause later on, and they wanted me to do another 4 weeks non-weight bearing, bringing my total to 7 weeks not walking, then another 4 weeks with the boot still on learning to walk and put weight on my leg. Then a lot of physio after that.

I was happy at first, but when I got home the reality started to kick in, this meant I wouldn’t be able to drive until sometime in November, and I wouldn’t be wearing a pair of shoes until then either. Elevation was again key so my world which is usually huge very quickly shrank down to the house and my short walk around the block. I found this prospect pretty tricky to deal with, I’m used to going on adventures all the time!

Enter the idea of a mobility scooter, I would be able to get to the shop, go to the pub, get out and about! Researched showed you could pick them up for a decent price second hand and my mind was made up! Until I saw abadasss electric scooter with a seat on it. Instead of 4mp,h the speed was 20mph, instead of 8 miles rang,e this could go 12, instead of heave Lead Acid batteries this ran on Lithium Cells, which meant instead of weighing a metric ton it was a more reasonable 28kg.

My mind was made up, this would give me the freedom to get out and about over the next 3-4 months and I could even join Mary on the electric skateboards that we recently got and of cours,e I now can’t use!

After doing lots of research on electric scooters I came across the Velocifero Mini Mad scooter, 800W internal brushless motor with a 36v Lithium Ion battery, a rear disc break and a comfy looking seat. Designed in Italy they looked a little more sturdy than the generic Chinese offerings, although make no mistake, they can still be found on Alibaba if you want to import them!

I paid my money to Viper Scooters and it arrived in a couple of days. The excitement but also nervousness was palpable. Mary helped me unpack it, it’s worth noting she doesn’t think this is one of my best ideas as she worries about me, understandably. And there is a reason proper mobility scooters have four wheels and not two. However, as my leg gets better and I can put weight on it this will become and invaluable mode of transport for me while I still can’t drive!

My good friend Alex Leigh came to visit a day or so after the scooter arrived and we set about modifying it so I could carry my crutches. I had been looking at solutions and as it has a bike seat on it I figured a rear bike rack would be the way to go to connect the crutches and anything else I might want to carry!



With the mods made it was time to see if we could manage the next challenge. Would it ride up the massive hill near the house? Folkestone sits on a ride of chalk that makes up the White Cliffs of Dover, let’s just say the hills are brutal and precious experience with the electric skateboards had me wondering if it would have enough power to get me out of the house and in to town.

With the crutches loaded on I headed off while Alex came and watched. The motor was struggling but with a few scoots of the good foot I made it up the hill. All that was left now was to get Mary and Alex on the electric skateboards and get to the pub!





While I will take it very easy on this new toy the feeling of freedom is immense. Even though I probably won’t ride it much until I can at least put weight on my leg the thought of knowing I can ride it if I want to means I have regained a little more of my independence. Even when I am weight bearing I won’t be able to drive and equally I won’t be able to walk very far, so knowing I can now safely get to the pub and back is real progress for me. Suddenly my world doesn’t feel so small anymore!


They (I) may have taken away my leg, but they will never take away my FREEEEEEEDOM!

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