Intriguing Beings Podcast – Episode 08 – Mark Shinn

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It’s Monday, and that means it is time for the Intriguing Beings Podcast once again! Check out this weeks episode with non-other than Mark Shinn right here! Mark is one of the original kiteboarders, starting the sport back in 1998 and becoming the only competitor to win both the PKRA and KPWT tours as they were known back then. Arguably he was the only true world champion of the time as he held both world titles.

These days he spends his time developing some of the best kiteboards on the planet with an army of fans singing the praises of the products he sells under the Shinn brand. Rou talks to Mark about his passion for developing better kiteboarding equipment and his new found drive for hydrofoils of all shapes and sizes. It’s a bit of a tech fest this one so be prepared to learn a thing or two about board development!

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