Intriguing Beings Podcast – Episode 02 – Dave Hastilow

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It’s Monday, and it’s time for Episode 2 of the Intriguing Beings Podcast! My guest this week is Dave Hastilow, Division Manager at Cabrinha. Dave’s had an interesting journey in the kite industry, one that took him from the Isle of Man to Maui and to quite a lot of places in between!

“I’ve known Dave for a long time now and his ascension through the kiteboarding ranks in the industry has always interested me. He’s taken opportunities when they have arisen and made some challenging life choices but that willingness to take a chance has always led to bigger and better things. Dave’s story is compelling and one I think you will enjoy!”

I’m aiming to get a new episode online every Monday, and to try and record episodes with as many interesting and engaging people that he can.

They are available on iTunes and Spotify too, so if you want to subscribe on there you can.

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