Intriguing Beings Podcast – Episode 03 – Steph Bridge

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It’s Monday, and time to kick-start your week with a bit of inspiration! This week my guest this week is non-other than Steph Bridge, multiple world champion, mother to world-class kiters Olly, Guy and Tom and successful businesswoman alongside her husband Eric. Find out what the future for kiteboarding and the Olympics holds, how she copes with such a hectic lifestyle and the one thing she holds most dear!

“Steph never ceases to inspire me, I’ve been lucky enough to know here for a long time now and to see her win so many world titles whilst finding the time to raise the boys and run her businesses with Eric was always impressive. I was lucky enough to catch a few moments of her precious time at the Armada and pin her down on the upcoming Olympics, raising Olly, Guy and Tom and how she finds the time for it all! I hope you enjoy it!”

I’m aiming to get a new episode online every Monday, and to try and record episodes with as many interesting and engaging people that he can.

They are available on iTunes and Spotify too, so if you want to subscribe on there you can.

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