Intriguing Beings Podcast – Episode 04 – Philipp Becker

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It’s Monday, and that means it is time for the Intriguing Beings Podcast! My guest this week is Philipp Becker from Duotone. Philipp is the International Marketing and Communications Manager at Duotone Kiteboarding at Boards and More. If you kiteboard then you’ll no doubt be aware of the North Kiteboarding and Duotone Kiteboarding situation. If you don’t I’ve attached a link to this podcast to an article I wrote on the subject in one of the last issues of IKSURFMAG.

It’s not all about Duotone though, Philipp has arguably one of the most desirable jobs in kiteboarding. He has some incredibly interesting stories from his travels including one I hadn’t heard before that actually blew me away a little bit.

He has to choose his moments to go kitesurfing, and I think this podcast goes to show exactly how much hard work goes into a role like this.

It might look like sunshine, holidays and margaritas from the outside, but the reality is quite different…

Philipp has nurtured Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes since they joined the team, now these two riders seem totally unstoppable on the world stage!

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