Adventures of the Leg! Update!

 In Broken Ankle

I’ve had a few people asking so I figured a post on here was long overdue! The leg is doing OK had a bit of a set back a week and a half ago, turns out pretending you don’t have a broken ankle and just cracking on isn’t the best way to recover. Ankle swelled up, three days of progressive pain led to a rush trip to the hospital and some X-rays before the cast was removed and I was fitted with a back slab cast. That was a few days before the Fracture Clinic appt but the good news was no infections and all healing well despite the swelling.

Prognosis at the Fracture Clinic was another 4 weeks non-weight bearing and then another 4 weeks still in the boot learning to walk again and starting to put weight on it. So sometime in November, I might be able to wear a pair of shoes and drive a car! Due to the swelling incident, I have been taking it pretty easy with my leg up. I still try and hobble around the block and do workouts when I can but the rest of the time I’m following docs orders to elevate. Swelling has gone down and the pain is manageable!

Staying positive, working on some projects and have set a load of goals and looking forward to getting back out there eventually!

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